Using emotions to create characters



So I was watching one of my favorite movies of all time last night, ROCKY III.  If you are too young to have ever seen this movie, let me first say that you have been deprived and you should get a Netflix account while it’s still available.  But I digress.   While watching the movie, I connected with Rocky’s major story arc about half way into the film. His story arc dealt with overcoming FEAR.

After getting his butt handed to him by Mr. T in the fight of the century, he began to feel afraid.  He lived in this fear throughout the entire movie until he learned to conquer his fears.  He went through every level of being afraid: fear of failure,  fear of pain, fear of losing his health, fear of losing his family and his fortune, and the anxiety of never being good enough.   So today when you write a scene, see if you can use an emotion to tell a deeper story. No matter what race or social status you have, emotions will always connect us all.  Check out this list of recognized emotions from the University of Sonoma psychological department and use it in the scene, story, or chapter that you write today. The link is

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One thought on “Using emotions to create characters

  1. Fear, what are you afraid of? As adults most of us are afraid to get our hearts broken and then the other half is afraid to love again. Now 34, My heart has been broken 4 times. Some may feel as if this is a small number, but to me it is large. My love for writing, music, and food seems to keep me balanced. It still begins with writing because with these three things, I write the lyrics to my music and write my recipes. But the fear of getting another broken heart has stopped me in love.

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