Let’s be honest. You need professional help.


Truth be told, unless you have someone to share your rough draft with, your work will never be as good as it could be.  Kind of like most Woody Allen movies.  Yeah, they are okay.  Lot’s of people like them and he has a huge body of work. But I always feel like they could have been better.  Maybe it’s just me.

I have a group of actors that I typically call on once I am done with a first draft.  If you didn’t already know, NO ONE WANTS TO READ YOUR STUFF!  So just walking around with a copy, handing it to your friends will eventually turn your social life into a game of TAG and you’re it.  It sucks to be “it”. People run at the sight of you.  So how do you get people to read it?  I usually offer the reader lunch at a really great sushi restaurant or at a steak house.  I give them about a week to read it, we pick a day, and we just talk.  You’d be surprised at how much you can get by offering someone a great lunch/dinner date.  So that’s secret number one: make friends with some actors and feed them when you want something done.

Finally, here is the second secret that I want to share:  I am constantly taking writing classes.  I am constantly going to workshops.  I am constantly connecting with other writers who have done amazing things.  My favorite places to take a writing class are in L.A. and NYC.  Oh, you can’t get there for a weekly class?  Don’t worry about it.  You can take the same courses online.  My favorite writers community is the website at http://www.writingpad.com.  It’s based in L.A and you can register for writing classes that are taught by professional writers that work for major network TV shows.  For example I am currently taking a class lead by one of the writers from MADD MEN and GAME OF THRONES.  Yeah, that GAME OF THRONES.  Most of the teaching artist have MFA’s from Yale, Columbia, USC, and other amazing schools.  So basically, you can get an Ivy League education for less than $500 a course.  I have also heard great stuff about the courses and workshops offered by UPRIGHT CITIZENS BRIGADE out of NYC.  I haven’t taken one yet but I intend to.   I hope this helps.  Now go write something.