Writers Worshop for Playwrights and Screenwriters!


Attention writers:  Summer is finally here! If you have been working on a story or play and you want some help with tweeking it for your next reading or your next performance, join us every Thursday evening in mid-town. I am offering a writers workshop to anyone who wants to join. You can expect to gain a few new techniques that will add emotion, tension, drama, and excitment to your writing. Each week you will write a new scene or chapter and we will have a group of 6 professional actors bring your work to life. The workshop will be free, but a donation of a ream of paper is expected from all participants. More details are below.

When: Every Thursday evening starting June 11th untill July 30th.

Where: Grady High School, room C407.

Time: 7:30pm till 9pm

Cost: Free admission, but a donation of a ream of white copy paper is suggested.

Instructor: Playwright Jermaine Ross of Madison Group Theater.

How to Join: Email me at jermaine.ross72@gmail.com and simply say, “I want to join!”  and we are in business.

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