About The Blogger

I’m Jermaine Ross, a playwright from Atlanta, GA.  I have been writing for the stage for more than fifteen years.  For last three years, I have been trying to answer the questions, (1) What makes a story resonate with the masses? (2) How can I make every page of a story/play unbelievably good?  (3) What do really successful writers do that others don’t?

This blog is about sharing all the stuff I have found with other people like me:  Hungry for that “writing formula” that other writers must know, but aren’t telling me.

Let me know if you ever find anything I write here useful.  And then subscribe.  Thanks!

2 thoughts on “About The Blogger

  1. Now, how in the world did I stumble upon a guy I went to high school’s with Blog? I was looking up creative writing and I saw your name 🙂

    • Well, hello! It’s amazing how often someone who actually knows me comes across this blog. Hopefully you found an answer to your creative writing question. Good luck with the story that you are working on! 🙂

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