Screenplay Outline and Structure

Screen play structure

Okay, so you want to finish a screenplay, but you know that it’s missing something.  Your story is okay, but you know it’s not ready yet.  We all have been there.  Your script may not have a good structure. The photo above is the standard structure for a screenplay.  Each of the peeks are important moments in the story for the protagonist and the antagonist.  The script is broken up into fifteen minute intervals and the emotions that generally occur during those intervals are outlined on the bottom.  This is a very important structure for screen writers.  It shows how to break a script apart into three acts and it explains how to focus your story in a way that audiences, agents, and production companies expect.  In essences, it makes your script a better.  Simpler. And smarter.  If you want to see this structure and outline broken down and explained, go to youtube and search, “3 Act Screenplay Structure-Screenwriting Tips & Myths” and look for the uploader named, “Click Imagination“.   I considered attaching a hyperlink to the video within the photo above, but I’m starting to trust hyperlinks less and less the more I learn about them.  You should, too. So just go to youtube and search it yourself.  It’s really good!  Good luck writing today!